PTF’s Countdown to Election Day

PTF’s Countdown to Election Day

October 21, 2020

With less than 3 weeks to go before Election Day, Power The Future has decided to highlight key energy districts nationwide. This race is more than just R or D, more than who sits in the Oval Office or who chairs whatever committee in Congress.  

This election is about whether or not America will continue to pursue an agenda of energy dominance with the responsible, ethical use of our abundant, domestic natural resources, or pursue a green agenda which will inevitably raise prices, foster a foreign dependence, and put our national security and economic future at risk.

We have highlighted how Communist China has a monopoly on both Rare Earth Elements and the manufacturing of green technology.  We have multiple times pointed out that European countries who have followed a green agenda pay many times more in utility and gas bills than America. And we have underscored how domestic energy has unshackled us from foreign entanglements.  

But Power The Future is way more personal than geopolitics. We care about jobs: about energy workers in rural communities who risk losing their livelihood.  Much is at stake.

Each day we will spotlight a congressional district where energy workers currently live, work, raise their families and build their communities with well-paying employment and remind them that as long as Power The Future is around, they will always have a voice and advocate.