PTF Poll: President Biden’s Support Fading in New Mexico

According to our new poll, after winning New Mexico by 10 points in 2020, President Joe Biden is now...


Eco-Activists Trying to Force Anchorage’s Electric Utility to Provide Per-User, Proprietary Usage Data

In a brazen move, eco-activists at one of Alaska’s most aggressive ‘renewables-above-everything’ organizations are demanding your private utility data....

February 20, 2024

New Mexico EV Dead Zone Making Tow Companies Richer

The eco-left is trying to force electric vehicles (EVs) onto every household across the United States. But as many...

February 16, 2024

Putin Endorses Biden as His Climate Czar’s Family Profits From ‘America’s Last’ Energy Policies

Russian President Vladimir Putin has publicly voiced his preference for Joe Biden to win re-election despite ongoing tensions between...

February 15, 2024

Gas Prices on the Rise…Again

You might want to think again if you’re going to drive and get your significant other something for Valentine’s...

February 14, 2024

Climate Protestors Turn on Their Own

Yesterday, 21 climate protestors from the eco-left organization Sunrise Movement were arrested outside of President Biden’s campaign headquarters in...

February 13, 2024

Remembering Toby Keith: A Tribute to the Country Legend and Oil Field Worker

Few names shine as brightly in the world of country music as Toby Keith. With his distinctive voice, heartfelt...

February 6, 2024

Biden Administration Classifies Martha’s Vineyard as Low-Income for EV Charger Subsidies

We bet you never thought you would hear Martha’s Vineyard and low income in the same sentence. However, according...

February 5, 2024

UN Foundation’s Financial Influence on State Governments’ Climate Agendas

Today, a new report was released that shows the United Nations Foundation is helping state governments fuel climate policy....

February 5, 2024

Alaska’s Past, Present & Future Relies on Responsible Resource Development

Governor Mike Dunleavy’s sixth State of the State speech before the Alaska Legislature this week was delayed a day...

February 2, 2024

Biden Names Next Climate Czar

Earlier in the year, it was announced that John Kerry would be stepping down as Biden’s climate czar to...

February 1, 2024

Alaska Center Caught in a “Pinocchio” Moment

When it comes to eco-activism, there tends to be a whole lot of talk and scurrying around, with little...

January 31, 2024

GM Lost $1.7 Billion from Electric Vehicles

Over the past couple of years, automakers have tried to add electric vehicles to their lineups but are experiencing...

January 31, 2024

Biden’s Latest Move to Appease Environmental Extremists

It is a presidential election year, which means President Biden will go out of his way to please the...

January 29, 2024

Remembering John Kerry’s Disastrous Climate Czar Reign  

Last week, John Kerry announced he was leaving his climate czar post to join President Biden’s reelection campaign. Before...

January 24, 2024

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