PTF Poll: President Biden’s Support Fading in New Mexico

According to our new poll, after winning New Mexico by 10 points in 2020, President Joe Biden is now...


Renewable Energy Poses an Increasing Threat to US Security 

Renewable energy is not only costly but more susceptible to cyber security attacks than traditional sources of energy. Despite...

July 12, 2024

New Lawsuit Claims Car Dealers Were Pressured to Lie About EV Sales

A new lawsuit filed in Chicago claims that Hyundai pressured car dealerships to lie about the number of electric...

July 11, 2024

Eco-Left Launches Attack on Trucking Industry 

Recent environmental regulations issued by the EPA that target heavy-duty trucks could have severe impacts on our nation’s economy, electrical grid,...

July 10, 2024

Deep State takes hit after Chevron Supreme Court Ruling: Win for Americans 

Following the powerful words of the Supreme Court, American business can once again rejoice as the Chevron deference has...

July 5, 2024

Small Businesses Brace for Impact: More Regulations from the Biden Administration

President Biden has launched another attack on states’ rights and small businesses as he bypassed Congress by handing down...

July 3, 2024

Biden Ploy to Limit Natural Gas Thwarted by Courts 

Another victory for supporters of American industry and the free market has recently been issued by the US District...

July 2, 2024

Double Whammy Friday: Ambler Road Blocked and a Tennessee-Sized Portion of Alaska Declared Off-Limits to Development

If the entire state of Tennessee was placed off-limits to future resource development, what would the reaction be? That’s...

June 28, 2024

The Biden Administration Has Forgotten Coal Mining Towns

President Biden has led an aggressive anti-fossil fuel campaign throughout his presidency. At the same time, he continually promised...

June 27, 2024

What Else Is the Biden Administration Hiding?

The Biden administration and the eco-left would have you believe that Biden has approved more oil and gas permits than the...

June 25, 2024

Americans Dissatisfied with Electric Vehicles

When will the eco-left and Biden administration understand that Americans do not want electric vehicles (EVs) forced on them?...

June 25, 2024

Alaska Native Organizations Sue the EPA Over Pre-Emptive Veto of Pebble Mine

In an effort to keep the Biden administration from doing more damage to Alaska’s future economy, two Alaska Native...

June 25, 2024

Happy 47th Anniversary to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline…Enviros Want to Demobilize You!

Yesterday marked the 47th anniversary of the first barrels of oil flowing down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS).  The...

June 21, 2024

Eco-Left’s Vandalism of Ancient English Monument Highlights the Latest Example of Criminal Behavior Performed in the Name of “Protesting”

Wednesday marked one of the eco-left’s recent and more extreme acts of vandalism when Just Stop Oil, an environmental...

June 20, 2024

Another EV Company Bites the Dust…

This week, it was reported that electric vehicle (EV) producer Fisker has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This comes...

June 19, 2024

Election Year Deja Vu: Biden Considers Draining the SPR Again

The American people may feel as if they are experiencing déjà vu. We sure do. Once again, the Biden...

June 18, 2024

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