Green Energy Could Lead to China Dominance

In July and October of last year, Power The Future released two studies relating to China’s potential path to...


Renewable Portfolio Standards Would be Bad for Alaska

If the eco-left has its way, the majority of Alaska’s population will be powered and heated not by its...

August 29, 2023

Energy Was a Hot Topic at the First GOP Debate

This week, eight presidential hopefuls faced off in the first presidential debate. We were pleased to see that the...

August 25, 2023

China’s Electric Vehicle Bubble Begins to Pop

President Biden and the eco-left electric vehicle (EV) policies often tout China’s economic model of picking winners and losers...

August 24, 2023

PTF Poll Shows Overwhelming Consensus on Need to Prioritize U.S. Energy Security

This week, we shared the results of our recent survey showing an overwhelming consensus on the need to prioritize...

August 24, 2023

Energy Questions for Tonight’s Presidential Debate

As we gear up to watch the first Republican presidential debate, we look forward to hearing what each candidate...

August 23, 2023

President Biden Should Focus on the People of Maui, Not Climate Rhetoric

This week President Biden tore himself away from his vacation to survey the damage from the devastating wildfire in...

August 22, 2023

“No Road”: Buttigeg Gaffes in Alaska

When he isn’t faking ‘being green’ by staging a bike ride to a cabinet meeting, or bungling the fallout...

August 18, 2023

Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act Will Cause Energy Mineral Supply Shortages

One year after the Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law, we ask ourselves, are we better off? The...

August 17, 2023

Report: Where Green Meets Red: How the Environmental Agenda is Making America Dependent on China

Today marks one year since President Biden signed the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) into law. To mark this occasion,...

August 16, 2023

New Song Stands Up For Miners

A new song is sweeping the nation and standing up to politicians in Washington, D.C. The song “Rich Men...

August 14, 2023

Face Plant: Biden Falsely Claims He’s Already Declared ‘Climate Emergency’

President Biden has been touting his administration’s climate efforts across multiple western states over the past few days. But...

August 10, 2023

President Biden Visits New Mexico to Boast Failed Clean Energy Policies

 President Biden will spend the day traveling around New Mexico to try and sell that green energy is working....

August 9, 2023

No Surprise, She Did it Again! Gleason’s Ruling Imperils Alaska’s Energy Future

When then-President Barack Obama named Anchorage’s Sharon Gleason to an open seat in the U.S. District Court in 2012,...

August 8, 2023

Gas Prices Rise as Domestic Production Declines

As the summer starts to come to an end and families start planning for back to school, they are...

August 7, 2023

“Weather Doesn’t Equal Climate”…Until it Helps the Eco-Left’s Message

The last two weeks notwithstanding, it has been a lackluster summer so far throughout most of Alaska, with temperatures...

August 4, 2023

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