Made in China: Biden-Harris Energy Plan Will Lead to China Dominance

Made in China: Biden-Harris Energy Plan Will Lead to China Dominance

October 7, 2020

In a previous study, Power The Future demonstrated why switching to green energy prematurely would make us dependent on China for the rare earth minerals that are essential for green tech as well as many everyday consumer products. But the problem doesn’t stop there. In our new study, “Made in China: Biden-Harris Energy Plan Will Lead to China Dominance”, we explore how The United States is also highly dependent on China for green tech manufacturing.

Under President Trump, the United States has achieved energy independence by tapping into our own abundant natural resources, but Biden and Harris have pledged to throw away that advantage. Their goal of being carbon emission-free by 2035 would mean shifting dramatically towards solar and wind power, creating immense battery storage capacity, and moving our automobiles from standard combustion engines to electric vehicles. China is already monopolizing all four of these manufacturing fields or laying the groundwork to do so.

Depending on Chinese manufacturing to literally keep the lights on raise three major red flags:

  1. China has no government regulation or oversight on manufacturing, so shifting our energy manufacturing there will do more environmental harm than using the domestic energy resources that America currently possesses.
  2. If China’s recent track record is any indication, the manufacturing process will involve a variety of human rights abuses.
  3. The “black swan” effect of China flooding the market with cheap green tech and then strategically rationing or regulating the products once they have established dependency.

China has made it clear that they can’t be trusted, but the green agenda is pushing us into greater dependence on the communist nation. Read our full study to learn just how strong China’s stranglehold is on the green tech market: