Extinction Rebellion Protesters Dig Up Cambridge College’s Lawn

Extinction Rebellion Protesters Dig Up Cambridge College’s Lawn

February 18, 2020

Extinction Rebellions protesters dug up the historic lawn of Trinity College, Cambridge, as part of a week-long series of demonstrations.

According to the Daily Caller:

Extinction Rebellion protestors dug channels into the turf of Trinity College’s 16th-century great gate with shovels and pitchforks and planted their flags. “Trinity College must cut ties with fossil fuel companies and stop trying to hawk off nature for profit,” the organization’s Facebook page says. “Oh, and it should take the opportunity to replace the lawn with flowers. Spring is just around the corner after all.”

According to Extinction Rebellion’s website, “disobeying the system” is crucial to change. “We have a duty to disobey this system which destroys life on earth and is deeply unjust. Some of us will undertake open (“above ground*”) actions that risk arrest and charges.”

Power the Future’s previous research on the group outlined the radicalism and disruptive protests they promote.

According to Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam, “the third thing you’ve got to do is break the law. There is absolutely no point in trying to do something on climate change if millions or thousands of people aren’t breaking the law.” 

These eco-extremists attempt to promote radical policies through highly disruptive and illegal protests, from polluting rivers to super gluing themselves to trains. We can’t help but question the validity and seriousness of such a group.