Activist Group Extinction Rebellion Strikes Again

Activist Group Extinction Rebellion Strikes Again

October 17, 2019

From blocking traffic in Washington, D.C. to jumping on planes at London City Airport, we didn’t know where climate activists would go next. The answer? Super gluing themselves to train carriages in London to disrupt workers’ morning commute.

The Associated Press reports:

Angry commuters scuffled with climate activists who climbed onto the roofs of trains early Thursday, snarling services in the busy morning rush hours in the British capital.

Londoners have largely tolerated a series of peaceful protests in recent days by the Extinction Rebellion group, but interfering with workers’ morning commute appeared to be a step too far for some.

Television images showed at least one man reaching up and grabbing the leg of a protester on top of a Tube train, dragging him onto the platform where he was quickly surrounded as he lay on the ground.

Extinction Rebellion said the actions were “intended to bring economic disruption to the capital as part of the ongoing campaign to convince the Government to take meaningful action on the Climate and Ecological Emergency.”

This highly disruptive and illegal protest once again questions the validity and seriousness of the group. However, they did get one thing right – the policies they promote will bring economic disruption to the masses.