The Sunrise Movement Takes Grassroots Campaign to College Campuses

The Sunrise Movement Takes Grassroots Campaign to College Campuses

March 3, 2020

The Sunrise Movement, the environmental activist group who Power the Future has previously written about, is back in the news. This time, instead of forging government documents, the group is hoping to sway public policy legally.

The Sunrise Movement is currently spearheading a grassroots campaign on college campuses where youth advocates, the base of their group, are pushing for climate change evangelist Bernie Sanders as the candidate in the upcoming presidential election.

According to The Daily Tar Heel:

At UNC and on college campuses across the nation, Sunrise is collecting pledges to vote for Bernie Sanders and working to expand youth involvement in political climate strikes.

The hub is focusing on publicizing the candidates who support the Green New Deal for the North Carolina Primary Election on March 3.

“We are on a timeline — we have 10 years to radically transform our economy, our government and how we live our lives to combat the climate crisis,” she said.

She said the goal is to make the Green New Deal the number one priority in terms of politics, pushing for its enactment in North Carolina.

In a previous blog post, Power the Future wrote on the impacts the Green New Deal would have on our economy and American households across the country:

The American Action Forum has estimated the total cost of GND programs to be as high as $94 trillion for the entire country, or around $600,000 per household. These astronomical figures would obliterate all of the economic progress made since President Trump took office and set the American economy back for generations.

The Sunrise Movement has one thing right, the Green New Deal would put us on a path to radically transform the country in the next 10 years. Unfortunately, the transformation would be catastrophic to the American economy and push costs onto average Americans nationwide.