By Any Means Necessary

By Any Means Necessary

December 9, 2019

Apparently, there’s no length the eco-left won’t go to to give the oil and natural gas industry a bad name. Over the weekend, the Sunrise Movement, a youth climate-change group, actively spread misinformation. The Washington Times reports:

the city of Denver’s declaration of a climate emergency was phony, an elaborate hoax perpetrated by activists. The Sunrise Movement…admitted that it fabricated the letter from the Denver Office of Sustainability on what it appeared to be city letterhead, and released it to coincide with Thursday’s Sustainable Denver Summit.

Despite being caught red-handed, Sunrise Colorado provided no apology.

In a tweet, Sunrise Colorado confessed to writing the letter but didn’t apologize, saying, “Update: It’s true, we admit we wrote the letter…But we hope it models the leadership that Coloradans deserve.”

The phony document received a thumbs-up from Diane Bray, a psychologist and candidate for the Colorado Democratic Senate nomination, who tweeted, “I absolutely love this fictitious letter” and chided those criticizing the hoax.

The forging of government documents to sway policy is unacceptable. We can’t allow this type of behavior or culture to become normalized, and we will always defend an industry that generates real results for so many American families from groups who work to undercut it with unproven talking points.