The Left’s Lobbying

The Left’s Lobbying

December 16, 2019

This past year, environmental groups drastically intensified their lobbying efforts – steeply increasing the amount of money dedicated to pushing like-minded policies and candidates.

OpenSecrets reports that Sierra Club, one of the nation’s largest environmental groups, brought in a record-breaking $143.7 million last year, including $71.9 million from a single, unnamed donor. 

These efforts are in response to President Trump removing unnecessary regulations to allow a booming industry to continue growing. But, the eco-left’s undisclosed donations aren’t met with any criticism.

League of Conservation Voters, a national environmental “dark money” group with an allied super PAC and affiliated nonprofit arms across the states, is pushing back against the loosened oversight while pouring money into state and federal elections…The group hauled in $65.2 million last year, almost doubling the $32.7 million it brought in the year before.

The group also stated in its tax returns that it seeks to “defeat those who stand in the way.” But, those “standing in the way” are doing quite the opposite – they are allowing a growing industry to power the economy, create jobs, and increase wages for Americans. Yet, this is the industry that is criticized for lobbying. 

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