The GND Is Losing Steam

The GND Is Losing Steam

December 17, 2019

Even Democrats are keeping their distance from the Green New Deal (GND). Moderates are now afraid that they’ll be seen as radical for supporting it, and rightfully so.

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Reps. Lauren Underwood of Illinois, Henry Cuellar of Texas and Harley Rouda of California are keeping their distance from the GND as they campaign for reelection in Republican-leaning seats. Cuellar called the group supporting the measure “Justice Socialists.”

Moderate Democrats are being aggressively pushed by radical groups like the Sunrise Movement, which is broadly responsible for promoting the GND. And, as moderate Democrats are being forced to take a stance on the issue, the truth is coming out.

In an interview with C-SPAN, Rep. Cuellar talked about his view of those who support the GND.

“Well, first of all, I call them ‘Justice Socialists.’ They are socialists, no ifs and no buts about it,” Cuellar said during a Dec. 5 interview on C-SPAN. Justice Democrats “believe in a Green Deal,” he said, adding: “And in my area, for example, it would kill thousands of jobs.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) shares a similar view of the issue, as well as most of the Senate. The last time the proposal went up for vote it was defeated 57-0, and it seems like it hasn’t gained much momentum since.  

PTF is glad to see so many elected officials realize how destructive the Green New Deal is to our country and our economy. If you haven’t read our report on its cost in a few states, you can find it here. America’s economy is growing, its wages are rising, we are truly energy independent and exporting oil. The Green New Deal reverses all that, and more and more people are waking up to it.