Senator Cornyn Defends Oil and Gas Industry at Northeast Texas Energy Summit

Senator Cornyn Defends Oil and Gas Industry at Northeast Texas Energy Summit

June 4, 2021

Yesterday, Senator John Cornyn spoke at the Northeast Texas Energy Summit that was sponsored by the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Oil and Gas Association, defending the benefits the industry provides to every American.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph reports:

“We are fighting a battle these days in Washington, D.C.,” Cornyn said. “Unfortunately, climate change has become a religion. It is very difficult because most of the time, people take for granted what you (oil and gas supporters in attendance) do day-in and day-out, which is to provide low-cost, clean, self-sufficient energy. And at low cost for people on fixed income, seniors and the like.

“You would think the country would appreciate that and want to see that continue,” Cornyn continued. “I think right now, President Biden’s guiding principle is, whatever the previous administration did, we are going to undo it. They have not thought about what the second and third order consequences would be.”

The climate change movement has been driven by cult-like advocates who have painted the oil and gas industry as the boogeyman and will stop at nothing to have it completely torn down. Eco-extremist want the Green New Deal [GND] and will not accept any less. Even recently turning on their campaign puppet President Biden for trying to water down the radical infrastructure proposal put forth in order to gain bipartisan support.

Cornyn was asked about “moving the power sector to 100% emissions-free electricity by 2035” and what is the impact on Texas?

“I think it’s pure fantasy. Again, it’s part of the cult or religion of renewable energy,” Cornyn said. “It’s just a green new deal wearing other clothes. Obviously, we are taking what is a great national asset and jeopardizing that by taxing it into oblivion. But this is not part of the narrative in D.C. This industry does its job so well, people take it for granted.”

Power the Future did a study on how much the GND would cost American families and found, “among the 11 states analyzed, the GND would cost a typical household a minimum of $74,287 in the first year of implementation.”

Not only would the Green New Deal take away almost 10 million American energy jobs and billions in revenue the industry brings in, but it will also push the burden on average American households. And I think we speak for most Americans that a $74,287 increase in one year’s energy bills is not one many can swallow.