Remembering John Kerry’s Disastrous Climate Czar Reign  

Remembering John Kerry’s Disastrous Climate Czar Reign  

January 24, 2024

Last week, John Kerry announced he was leaving his climate czar post to join President Biden’s reelection campaign. Before Kerry trots off to his new responsibilities, lecturing the American people on why they should not disappoint them by refusing to give Biden a second term, we wanted to remind you about the five biggest failures that marked his time as climate czar.

Unelected and Unaccountable  

Throughout his time as an unelected and unconstitutional “climate czar” in the Biden White House, he did tremendous damage to America’s energy workers – and worst of all, he is accountable to no one. Kerry refused multiple times to give the public or Congress answers as to what authority he had and where  funding for his staff came from.

Sucking Up to China 

He continually visited China, not to promote American interests, but to suck up to Xi Jinping on climate change. Even though China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gas pollution and is also known for using child labor when producing materials for green energy technologies, Kerry praised communist leaders and their clean energy work.

Downplaying War in Ukraine  

Kerry repeatedly tried to downplay the war in Ukraine as less important than climate change. When the war began, Kerry was more concerned about people losing focus on climate change. He spoke with the BBC, stating:  

“It could have a profound negative impact on the climate obviously. You have a war and obviously you’re going to have massive emissions consequences to the war. But equally importantly you’re going to lose people’s focus. You’re going to lose, certainly, great country attention because they will be diverted, and I think it could have a damaging impact.”

He would go on to say: “I hope President Putin will help us stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.”

Private Jet Travel 

Let’s not forget all the times he took his private jet to luxury climate conferences worldwide. All while telling everyone at home to cut down on their emissions.

Energy Hypocrisy Madness  

And our favorite accomplishment of John Kerry’s is coming in second in our  Energy Hypocrisy Madness, losing only to eco-maniac Bill Gates. It is safe to say we will not miss Kerry in his climate czar role, nor will any Americans who understand why we must restore energy independence and support energy workers.