PTF Calls on Congress to Defund John Kerry’s Office

PTF Calls on Congress to Defund John Kerry’s Office

January 8, 2024

John Kerry is entering his third year as Biden’s Climate Czar. Each year has brought about questionable ethics. 2024 seems no different, as John Kerry still refuses to disclose public information about his office.  

The Boston Herald reports,

“Jet-setting climate czar John Kerry doles out six-figure salaries to all but one lone “policy analyst” in his office who just misses the lofty mark in the first public records release to the Herald from the notoriously secretive presidential envoy. It’s a rare glimpse into Kerry’s fiefdom that hits up taxpayers for $4.3 million in pay per year, according to records obtained using the Freedom of Information Act. Kerry, however, does not reveal the names of anyone on his staff and redacts the titles of eight top aides paid up to $186,680 a year.”

The lack of transparency is unacceptable. American’s tax dollars are paying for Kerry and this new office, but we have no clue who works there or what the money is used for. Does John Kerry genuinely prioritize the well-being of the American citizens who fund his salary? The apparent absence of transparency and frequent international travel imply otherwise. That is why we are calling on Congress to defund his office. 

“So much for democracy dying in darkness. Whether it’s a Secretary of Defense mysteriously hospitalized, the budget for his Climate Corps, or jet-setting John Kerry’s office, the Biden Administration sure loves keeping secrets,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “The bureaucrats in Kerry’s office are receiving six figure salaries while Joe Biden is spending massive amounts of unaccountable money on the green agenda. While Joe Biden drones on about supporting democracy, he allows secret offices with anonymous staff to spend untold amounts of money without any oversight. If Joe Biden and John Kerry won’t come clean about what they’re doing, Congress should defund their efforts immediately.”