President Biden Continues to Lift Up Communist Countries

President Biden Continues to Lift Up Communist Countries

May 18, 2022

It is shockingly being reported that the Biden/Harris administration will be easing sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist government. Still, perhaps this news is not so shocking, given this administration’s track record with fumbling foreign relations. The current administration and many Congressional Democrats seem to think the solution to rising oil prices is easing sanctions and buying oil from Venezuela.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes:

“Pressure to ease sanctions is also coming from the political left on Capitol Hill. Last week 18 Democrats wrote to President Biden, asking him to do away with sanctions they call “one of the leading causes” of Venezuelan suffering. But the real leading cause is Mr. Maduro’s socialist policies that have generated hyperinflation, poverty, corruption and widespread malnutrition and produced millions of Venezuelan refugees.”

It’s as if the left has not been paying attention to the past three years to everything going on in Venezuela. Progressives don’t seem to mind that the U.S. has not recognized Maduro as the legitimate president or all the suffering his government has caused. 

“Mr. Maduro and predecessor Hugo Chávez destroyed the nation’s oil infrastructure and looted the national oil monopoly. Even if U.S. investors are allowed to begin pumping oil again, Venezuelan supply wouldn’t make much of a dent in global oil prices. But it is revealing that American progressives apparently put appeasing the Latin left above their climate-change principles…The Biden Administration’s sanctions dance with the dictator is taking place even as it acts at every turn to restrict U.S. oil and production. The contradiction is hard to fathom other than as the triumph of ideology over reason.”

The real irony here is that the Biden/Harris administration continues to cripple our domestic oil and gas production, even as they prop up Venezuela. Just last week, it was announced that the Cook Inlet federal lease in Alaska was canceled. Just days later, we’re set to import oil from a South American dictator. President Biden and the eco-left are showing their true colors here. They’re putting socialist countries before our own.