Biden Administration Cancels Massive Federal Gas Lease in Alaska as Fuel Prices Break Records

Biden Administration Cancels Massive Federal Gas Lease in Alaska as Fuel Prices Break Records

May 12, 2022

Despite Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s promises to have an “open mind” on her recent visit to Alaska, the Biden administration delivered another crushing blow to the state’s economy yesterday when it cancelled the Cook Inlet federal lease sale. The lease would put over a million acres of federal subsea areas into producers’ hands, with potential for oil and gas development for up to 40 years.

The Biden administration’s decision was announced just as the national average for a gallon of gasoline broke a record for the highest price for the third day in a row. Power The Future Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck blasted the decision.

“President Biden, Interior Secretary Haaland and Domestic Climate Czar Gina McCarthy have a skewed vision for ‘doing everything possible’ to control the highest gas prices ever. Cancelling the Cook Inlet lease sale – especially one mandated by federal law with a drop-dead date next month and using the pitiful excuse that industry wasn’t interested – is rich, even for this Administration.”

“With gas prices hitting new highs, inflation not seen since the Carter Administration and American families facing food shortages due to supply-chain debacles, the Biden Administration is failing in nearly every conceivable way for our citizenry. The sleight-of-hand from the Administration, blaming everyone but themselves for the mess America is in currently, has gone from silly and suspect to critical and catastrophic. The decision to cancel the Cook Inlet lease is just another example of eco-extremism run amok; extremism that has a direct effect on jobs and family security for Alaskans across our state,” Whitbeck noted.

Americans are struggling with record-high fuel prices, but it’s clear the Biden administration doesn’t care.