Pennsylvania Unions and CEOs Launch Pro-Energy Campaign

Pennsylvania Unions and CEOs Launch Pro-Energy Campaign

March 12, 2020

This afternoon Pennsylvania labor leaders, builders and trade associations, CEOs, and union members are rolling out a pro-energy campaign called Pittsburgh Works Together. This organization will focus on educating the public about Pennsylvania’s energy industry.

James Kunz, the business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 66, stated in a Washington Examiner article:

“It would seem that the environmental community’s message always seemed to make it into the media while ours didn’t. A lot of that … was because we are such a wide diverse collection of companies, unions, and individuals, we needed to have one voice to respond.”

Nick DeIuliis, CEO of CNX Resources, added:

“For too long, the elites and extremists have had free reign to play fast and loose with mistruths and falsehoods. With the doers in labor, energy, and manufacturing coming together to fight back, that stops today. These industries and workers are necessary to progress in this region and beyond, and it’s time for out-of-touch elites to acknowledge that reality.”

The organization is entirely apolitical and has an extremely wide-range of members – this goes to show how undeniably important the natural gas and oil industry is to Pennsylvanians. Pittsburgh Works Together will promote their message to the public through research and facts, of which there is plenty to demonstrate the benefits that this industry brings to communities all across the state.

The importance of the natural gas and oil industry to Pennsylvania is particularly apparent relative to their neighbor, New York, as we laid out in a recent report: STUDY: New York’s Buried Opportunity. It’s encouraging to see a pro-energy organization that will promote what really matters to communities across the country: the facts about what an industry does for their jobs, their economy, and their livelihood.