New Mexico’s Largest Utility Asking for More Power After Abandoning Energy Workers

New Mexico’s Largest Utility Asking for More Power After Abandoning Energy Workers

May 25, 2021

The Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) is looking for proposals for an additional 700mw of electricity because they are now worried their renewable plans won’t be enough to avoid blackouts.

According to a story in Albuquerque Journal, PNM needs more power generated because one of their renewable projects is behind schedule and won’t be ready on time. Additionally, the utility is behind the forced transition that will close the San Juan Generating Station, destroying at least 1500 jobs and taking 940mw of power offline.

To be clear, eco-leftists are celebrating the closure of the generating station while the solar “solution” planned to replace the power is behind schedule. Now, the utility needs to ask for more power to not only cover the lost megawatts, but also to avoid a similar fate of blackouts that plagued California and Texas.

PNM admits the blackouts over the last year prove their plan to import power during low generation or high use days may not be enough. A company official tells the Journal:

“California and Texas have demonstrated that during extreme events there may be no market resources available,” … “There may well be regional electricity available during calmer months, say in the fall or spring, but not necessarily during critical summer months when extreme heat taxes regional generating systems, or during a deep winter freeze.”

All of this electrical jumbling is going to raise electric bills and destroy jobs in New Mexico. All because of the eco-left’s push for a mini-green new deal. And while this may be one of the first major blunders in this forced transition, it won’t be the last.

Note: Last week, Power The Future released a new report highlighting the harmful impacts of forced transitions like the one underway in New Mexico and another proposed by the Biden Administration.