New Mexico Governor: Clean Cars for Thee, but Not for Me!

New Mexico Governor: Clean Cars for Thee, but Not for Me!

August 6, 2021

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham wants you to know she really loves Joe Biden’s “clean” car mandate, just not enough to actually live by it herself.

Joe Biden wants half of new car sales to be from “zero-emission” vehicles by the end of this decade. Left out of all the self-congratulating announcements is the fact that both Biden and Lujan Grisham drive around gas-guzzling vehicles.

The environment is such an existential crisis, here is the car Lujan Grisham uses to ride around:

A black car parked in a garage

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As of July, Biden’s “clean” vehicles make up less than 4 percent of sales and fully-electric vehicles make up less than 3 percent of market share. This dismal performance is likely due in part to the higher cost to purchase electric vehicles combined with hours lost due to charging times. Lastly, studies have shown electric vehicles require six times the amount of minerals needed for conventional cars and that those minerals are largely produced in China.

Apparently, eco-leadership means you never have to live by your own mandates.