New Mexico Eco-Bureaucrat Tweets “Show Me The Money” and Then Gets A Raise

New Mexico Eco-Bureaucrat Tweets “Show Me The Money” and Then Gets A Raise

May 10, 2021

The arrogance of the eco-left is always stunning, but the leader of the New Mexico Environment Department is taking it to a new level.

You might remember just a few short months ago when we told you about Environment Secretary James Kenney lobbying New Mexico legislators for more taxpayer money by telling them to “show me the money.”

Since then, not only has Kenney handed out massive raises to his fellow bureaucrats, it appears he saved some of that “green” for himself. The Albuquerque Journal reports:

“The temporary boost changes Kenney’s annual salary to $168,480, up from $156,000 – the standard rate that almost every other Cabinet secretary receives.

Kenney’s raise is reflected in New Mexico’s employee data for March, though it’s unclear precisely when it started. His hourly rate went from $75 in February to $81 in March.

The raise far outpaces what’s been available to most state employees.”

The raise for the Environment Department employees, including Kenney, comes on the heels of massive raises also handed out the staff of New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

For each and every one of these raises, it’s the New Mexico taxpayers who are footing the bill. This is important context as these same bureaucrats have led the state to its highest unemployment rate in 30 years.

Apparently working for the eco-left makes you immune to economic reality.