New Mexico Eco-Bureaucrat to Taxpayers: “Show me the Money”

New Mexico Eco-Bureaucrat to Taxpayers: “Show me the Money”

February 17, 2021

It must be hard to get this much arrogance into one tweet, but New Mexico’s Environment Secretary James Kenny gets the job done.

Here we have a government bureaucrat feeling entitled to MORE taxpayer dollars. The sentiment is bad enough on its own, however, when we add some context, we see it is truly out-of-touch.

In early 2019, James Kenny and all the other Cabinet Secretaries in Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s administration received a 17 percent pay increase. Not for extra work, just because. According to public records, Secretary Kenney makes $156,000 a year, or more than THREE TIMES the average New Mexican. Again, he demands taxpayers “show him the money.”

The reason his department deserves more money? They want to go after New Mexico’s energy workers with onerous regulations. Keep in mind, those workers fund about 40% of Mr. Kenney’s massive salary.

Mr. Kenney’s demand that taxpayers “show me the money” also comes as New Mexico ranks in the top ten in the nation for unemployment.