How Do You Spell “Triggered”? I-N-L-E-T-K-E-E-P-E-R

How Do You Spell “Triggered”? I-N-L-E-T-K-E-E-P-E-R

October 10, 2019

Facebook is supposed to be a platform for exchanging ideas, family and friend information and everyday conversations.  As anyone using the platform knows, not all of your “friends” will agree with you, and the more extreme you are in your views, the better chance you have to be soundly “corrected” by one or more people.

Cook Inletkeeper is a Homer, Alaska-based non-profit, whose anti-development, extreme environmentalist viewpoints have been on display for the world to see on Facebook since they started their page in April 2011.  Power The Future profiled their organization in March, and found that nine of their top ten donors were based outside of Alaska, making Inletkeeper beholden to eco-extremists like Tom Steyer, George Soros and others for their continued financial existence.

Pull up their page (if you dare), and you’ll find post after post about environmental justice, climate change, lawsuits they’re backing against oil and gas companies, the need for Alaska to move to a post-oil economy, and their multiple-time-a-week screeds against the Pebble Mine.  Heck, they even have posts fighting a green energy project (the Susitna dam) from 2011-2013.

Fairly typical, eco-Left missives.  Just the kinds of posts most Alaskans spend zero time caring about, as they go about their daily lives.

Power The Future cares, though.  Although Inletkeeper may only have a small circle of influence (10K page likes) relative to extremist organizations based outside of Alaska, their misguided goals and activities mirror their larger eco-collaborators, and that’s bad for jobs in our state, and damaging to present and future generations of Alaskans.  

Power The Future’s Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck has been a frequent commenter on Inletkeeper’s posts, challenging their assertions using facts and logic. His pointing out the balanced approach between environment and resource development Alaskans see from those companies doing business in the Great Land currently must really have irked Inletkeeper, because sometime in the last week, they banned him from their page.

Banning someone from Facebook is a multi-step, deliberate process.  It is done with intent.

For Inletkeeper – an organization so focused on speaking its mind – to ban someone is both laughable and sad.  The Left likes to talk about how they “trigger” their adversaries – usually using feelings-based emotional outbursts. 

How “triggered” must they have been by a single person using his first amendment rights to point out their errors in judgment?  I guess we’ll never know, since they went to the extreme on Facebook, just like they go to the extreme with their daily activities.