House Committee Investigating Deb Haaland’s Involvement with New Mexico Environmental Group

House Committee Investigating Deb Haaland’s Involvement with New Mexico Environmental Group

October 24, 2023

The House Committee on Natural Resources continues investigating U.S. Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Deb Haaland. The committee further examines her alleged conflict of interests between Secretary Haaland and her ties to the New Mexico-based Pueblo Action Alliance.

In a letter sent to Secretary Haaland and Heather Gottry, the Director and Designate Agency Ethics office Committee Chair Bruce Westerman (R-Ark) said,

“The Committee feels there is evidence that Secretary Haaland may not have acted impartially and did not avoid the appearance of a loss of impartiality in the performance of her duties. More alarmingly, there is evidence that Secretary Haaland misused her position for the potential benefit of a nonprofit, the Pueblo Action Alliance (PAA), and used her position—or at the very least permitted the use of her position, title, and authority—to endorse PAA and PAA’s work.”

This is not the first time Haaland’s name has been mentioned when talking about the Pueblo Action Alliance. In February, it came out that the Secretary’s daughter was heavily involved in the organization. And in June, the House Natural Resources Committee opened their investigation into Haaland.    

“We support this investigation because these are serious allegations against Secretary Haaland, and we deserve to know the truth,” said Larry Behrens, Communications Director for Power The Future. “There is no question there are close ties between Secretary Haaland and radical eco-left groups, but that doesn’t mean she gets to use her position to force their agenda on the rest of us. The Interior Department has proudly declared they are offering the fewest oil and gas leases in history and that raises questions if they are serving Americans or doing the bidding of their closely-tied special interest groups.”

Secretary Haaland has used her position to cripple oil and gas production across the United States and has repeatedly shown that she is willing to overlook unethical behavior to do so.