Deb Haaland’s Daughter Involved with Violent Environmental Group

Deb Haaland’s Daughter Involved with Violent Environmental Group

February 10, 2023

Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland’s daughter is linked to a climate group that participated in a violent protest at Interior offices. Government watchdogs are sounding the alarm on this clear conflict of interest and showing why the protest was so downplayed at the time. 

Fox News reports,  

“The top Biden official’s daughter Somah Haaland is a media organizer for the New Mexico-based Pueblo Action Alliance which has repeatedly called on the federal government to take drastic measures halting oil and gas development on public lands. According to government watchdog Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT), members from the group attended the October 2021 protest which led to multiple injuries among DOI security personnel and at least one hospitalization.”

The protest was part of a week-long event in which protestors descended on D.C. to demand President Biden take a firm stance on restricting fossil fuels. In addition, it is now coming to light that Somah Haaland traveled to Capitol Hill in December to lobby lawmakers to end oil and gas leasing near a Native American historical site in New Mexico. 

“In our comments on the withdrawal, we pointed out the conflict-of-interest Secretary Haaland already has as a member of a Puebloan nation that is advocating for the 10-mile buffer,” Kathleen Sgamma, the president of the Western Energy Alliance, told Fox News Digital in December. “Her daughter actively lobbying for the buffer highlights the conflict of interest and lack of discretion…Secretary Haaland’s interests and kinship ties are clouding her ability to make a reasoned, balanced decision.”

This shows that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Unfortunately, President Biden and his top officials are willing to overlook explicit, unethical behavior regarding their children. Hopefully, these unethical distractions will end, and we can focus on regaining American energy independence.