Green Energy Group Wants Access to Personal Energy Consumption Data

Green Energy Group Wants Access to Personal Energy Consumption Data

February 29, 2024

In Alaska, a green energy group is demanding a local power company hand over consumers’ private energy consumption data. Claiming they need the data to craft a new pricing plan to penalize households who exceed a certain level of energy consumption. Talk about an invasion of privacy and massive overreach. 

The Washington Free Beacon reports, 

“Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP), an Anchorage-based nonprofit that works to secure “Alaska’s clean energy future,” petitioned state regulators last month in an attempt to compel the Chugach Electric Association to provide its customers’ monthly energy consumption data. REAP says it needs that data to design a rate structure that would compel customers to use less natural gas—by charging them more once they surpass certain energy consumption thresholds.”

Right now, the state utility company is refusing to hand over the data, but if that were to change, it would be a big problem for the people of Alaska.

“In addition to monthly energy consumption levels, the private data REAP requests would include the addresses and zip codes of individual customers, according to a January filing from Chugach’s attorneys. In response to what he called “privacy concerns,” Rose said that while his group does not want the data to “leak,” it cannot craft its pricing plan without the information.”

Power The Future Alaska State Director Rick Whitbeck told the Free Beacon,

“There is no doubt that Alaska is once again being used as a laboratory by the green movement,” he said. “This should be a clear warning: It’s Alaska today, but it’s your town or state next.”

We predicted this back in 2019. The Green Energy movement wants access to your home and private data. In response to the Green New Deal, Power The Future released a cartoon video depicting a man unable to turn up his thermostat. In the cartoon, the government is quick to monitor his air-conditioning.