Extinction Rebellion’s Hidden Foreign Funders

Extinction Rebellion’s Hidden Foreign Funders

January 9, 2020

Power the Future has written previous blog posts on the radical group Extinction Rebellion (XR) that has quickly risen to become the most disruptive environmental movement on the earth. Their message is simple: bring economic disruption to target cities in order to advocate for action on climate change through orchestrating protests across the U.S and abroad.

RealClear Investigations reports:

Critics have called XR a cult, citing co-founder Gail Bradbrook’s admission that a bender on psychedelic drugs inspired her epiphany that humanity is at the brink of extinction. Undeterred, (British billionaire and XR’s largest disclosed donor) Sir Christopher Hohn said he had donated £50,000 (about $65,000) to XR personally and a separate £150,000 (roughly $196,000) through the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation, a hybrid charity/hedge fund he founded and operates.

Amid wide alarm about foreign meddling in American politics, Hohn’s support for an organization advocating an uprising against the U.S. government has drawn little notice. Yet court filings and tax records show that he is a billion-dollar non-plastic straw stirring a global network of climate policy influence. He thus illustrates the reach of politically driven philanthropy and the potential of wealthy foreigners to sidestep U.S. lobbying laws by using complex financial arrangements to pursue both civic and self-interested goals.

Extinction Rebellion is advocating on American soil with backing from wealthy foreigners to take down the domestic fossil fuel industry that supports around 10 million American jobs and generated $180 billion in revenue last year. The group has held protests in a few American cities, including Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. where 2,000 of its volunteers blocked 22 intersections in the nation’s Capital as a demonstration during rush hour to disrupt hardworking American’s commute home.

The group’s validity has been in question since the start, but one fact remains true – the policies they promote will bring economic disruption to the masses. Unfortunately, the majority of those masses being American energy workers.