Energy Zero: President Joe Biden

Energy Zero: President Joe Biden

December 30, 2022

Our final Energy Zero is the worst of all. It’s President Joe Biden. For two years, he and his administration have done everything in their power to crush American energy production, hurt energy consumers, and force energy workers out of good paying jobs. From his first day in the White House, to the last day of 2022, President Biden has waged a war on American energy through establishing regulatory roadblocks, blocking permits for pipeline projects, issuing the least federal energy leases since World War II, nominating anti-fossil energy nominees like Deb Haaland, Jennifer Granholm, and Richard Glick to critical positions, and cancelling major projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline. 

Unsurprisingly, these policies, nominations, and executive actions have led to an energy crisis. In June, gasoline prices hit the highest average national price ever recorded at $5.02 per gallon. Meanwhile, natural gas costs have spiked to a 14 year high as people need to heat their homes this winter. Finally, all these costs have driven inflation through the roof, reaching a 40-year high over the summer and it remains high to this day. The American people are fed up and can’t afford any more of Biden’s war on energy. It’s time for change.

That’s why Power The Future has written a new report to serve as an “Energy Policy Roadmap” for the next Congress. The whitepaper calls for significantly increased oversight of the White House and the administration and a completely new energy direction. Specifically, the report calls on Congress to:

  • Repeal Joe Biden’s Natural Gas Tax
  • End Biden’s Oil and Gas Leasing Moratorium/Return Power to States
  • Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline
  • Block Biden’s ESG Regulations
  • Repeal the California Waiver
  • End Activist-led “Sue and Settle” and “Citizen Lawsuits”
  • Ban Use of the “Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases”
  • Issue Automatic Approvals for LNG Export Terminals
  • Overturn Massachusetts v. EPA
  • Stop Biden’s War on Coal.

For all the energy damage President Biden has caused, and for all the hurt he has inflicted on people’s pocketbooks, President Biden is our biggest Energy Zero of 2022.