Election Countdown: New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional Race

Election Countdown: New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional Race

October 16, 2020

Race: New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District

Key Cities: Las Cruces, Roswell, Carlsbad

Matchup: Democrat/Incumbent Xochitl Torres Small vs. Republican Yvette Herrell 

The Race:

If you watch the commercials from New Mexico Congresswoman Xochitl Torres Small you would get the impression she’s a big fan of the energy industry. Representing a district rich in oil and natural gas, Torres Small is fighting hard to leave New Mexicans with the impression she’s an energy moderate. She’s so scared of being painted as an eco-left liberal, she had to be asked TWICE if she was even voting for Joe Biden before mumbling a quick answer.

It’s clear Congresswoman Torres Small is desperate to be seen as a moderate to her energy-rich district. However, there are two anti-energy votes that likely won’t make it into her TV commercials.

Just about a year before she began running her pro-energy commercials, Torres Small joined radical socialist Congresswoman AOC in voting against energy production in the Gulf Coast. One day later, she and AOC teamed up again to vote against energy production in Alaska. In both votes, there were Democrats who voted to protect energy workers, Xochitl Torres Small wasn’t among them. In two key energy votes, Congresswoman Torres Small joined with AOC to vote against America’s energy workers. Apparently, she only tries to play a moderate in New Mexico.

Republican Yvette Herrell has expressed full support for America’s energy workers and has received the endorsement of President Trump who won the district in 2016.


The race for New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional district is widely considered one of the most contested in the country. Polls conducted continue to show a tight race with the Albuquerque Journal poll calling the race “too close to call.”