Election Countdown: Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional Race

Election Countdown: Pennsylvania’s 17th Congressional Race

October 20, 2020

Race: Pennsylvania 17th Congressional District

Key Cities: Beaver Falls and Wexford

Matchup: Democrat/Incumbent Conor Lamb vs. Republican Sean Parnell

The Race:

With the 2018 congressional redistricting in Pennsylvania, Rep. Lamb went from representing Pennsylvania’s 18th district to representing the 17th district. While Rep. Lamb claims he wants to protect the jobs of middle-class energy workers, specifically the fracking industry, his actions tell another story. Rep. Lamb was one of nine members on Joe Biden’s task force that created his “clean energy plan.” And, as we know, Joe Biden has not given the people of Pennsylvania reason to trust him when it comes to protecting the fracking industry. Despite his most recent comments, Biden often flip flops when it comes to banning fracking.

Lamb also voted in favor of banning the exploration of oil fields in Alaska and offshore drilling. Between helping Biden create the second Green New Deal and voting to ban the expansion of one of America’s most important industries, it is clear that Rep. Lamb is prioritizing politics over protecting the jobs of middle-class energy workers.


The district typically leans Democrat, but Cook Political currently has the district at R+3.