Joe Biden’s Climate Plan Mirrors the Green New Deal

Joe Biden’s Climate Plan  Mirrors the Green New Deal

October 6, 2020

Democratic presential nominee Joe Biden has teetered the line on environmental activism, hoping to win over climate crusaders in his party while not alienating more moderate voters in the middle. While Biden has not outright vocalized support for the radical Green New Deal, his $2 trillion climate plan was devised in consultation with groups who helped craft the Green New Deal and includes many similarities. 

CBS News reports:

Although it is true that Biden’s climate plan does not fully match the Green New Deal, there are many similarities. That’s because over the last few months the Biden campaign made a deliberate effort to consult with more progressive factions of the party through the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force, a committee which included climate and environmental justice activists like the Sunrise Movement — a group instrumental in the design of the Green New Deal. Biden has committed to some, but not all, of the task force’s recommendations.

As a result of the task force’s work, Biden’s climate plan was boosted from $1.7 trillion over 10 years to a much more substantial $2 trillion over four years, with a faster timeline to achieve a carbon-free electricity sector and a greater focus on environmental justice.

It’s clear Biden has become more progressive due to the mounting pressure from radicals within his party to strongly address climate change. If elected, we wouldn’t be shocked if he was pushed even further left than his already radical climate plan.

In fact, Biden’s climate proposal marks the first-time global warming has emerged as a central plank in a Democratic presidential campaign. The Biden/Harris ticket has the most extreme environmentally progressive platform of any presidential ticket before. We can only fear what a Biden administration would look like for everyday Americans who can’t afford these extreme measures.