Day Ten: 12 Days Of Biden’s War on American Energy

Day Ten: 12 Days Of Biden’s War on American Energy

December 22, 2023

This year marked the one-year anniversary of Biden’s prized Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law. we asked ourselves, are we better off? The short answer is no. Inflation and energy prices are still sky-high, and the push to green energy has only enriched and strengthened China, especially in the critical minerals market. 

“The billions in green handouts contained within the Inflation Reduction Act is a record-breaking payday for the Chinese communist party,” Power the Future communications director Larry Behrens told Fox News Digital. “It’s appalling that American tax dollars will be used to support slave and child labor around the world while Joe Biden works overtime to destroy American energy jobs,” he said. “Congress must act to defund the green handouts within the IRA and ensure that American energy is the priority.”

The IRA was a classic D.C. move, the bill is full of hidden funding for unrelated projects. So much so that Climate Power, an eco-left advocacy group, will spend  $80 million on advertisements supporting President Biden. The ads aim to educate voters about the “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA) and all the benefits the bill provided for the green energy industry. They are showcasing how the IRA had little to do with reducing inflation but was actually a climate bill. 

This August, we released Where Green Meets Red: How the Environmental Agenda is Making America Dependent on China, which outlines problems and offers solutions to reverse Biden’s China dependence that has only been supercharged by the $369 billion contained within the IRA.