Dark Money Environmental Group Funds Biden’s Ads

Dark Money Environmental Group Funds Biden’s Ads

October 19, 2023

Climate Power, an eco-left advocacy group, will spend $80 million on advertisements supporting President Biden. The ads aim to educate voters about the “Inflation Reduction Act” (IRA) and all the benefits the bill provided for the green energy industry. They are showcasing how the IRA had little to do with reducing inflation but was actually a climate bill. 

The New York Times reports,  

“Climate Power, a liberal advocacy group, plans to spend $80 million on advertising to lift President Biden’s standing on environmental issues and inform voters about the impact of legislation he signed last year. Polls show few voters are aware of the president’s record on climate issues, and there is a broad dissatisfaction with his stewardship of the issue, a dynamic that mirrors voters’ discontent with his handling of the economy and other concerns.”

The donors for the multi-million dollar buy have not been disclosed, making these dark money ads aimed to make the president look better within his own political base, 

“Climate Power’s solution is to feed voters a steady stream of television and digital advertising highlighting Mr. Biden’s legislative accomplishments to protect the environment and contrasting them Mr. Trump, who mocked climate science, rolled back regulations aimed at cutting emissions and has promised to be a booster for the oil, gas and coal industries.”

The Biden Administration is being negligent with taxpayer dollars and our energy independence. Inflation and energy prices are still sky-high. The fact that the groups that have received over $370 billion in spending and tax credits are now funding the president’s campaign advertisements is not a coincidence and something that should be investigated.