Cuomo’s Latest Environmental Policy Proposal Calls for A $3 Billion Bond

Cuomo’s Latest Environmental Policy Proposal Calls for A $3 Billion Bond

January 30, 2020

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is proposing a new environmental policy that would include a $3 billion bond act to counter global climate change. The bond is a component of Cuomo’s $33 billion climate change plan; however, it is unclear exactly how the $3 billion borrowed would be allocated.

At a hearing on Governor Cuomo’s proposed $178 billion budget on Monday, Sen. Jim Seward (R-Milford), ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee, advised state Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos to get further details on how the funds would be spent. “I think it would be inappropriate to pass a $3 billion bond act and just turn it over to the governor so he can just do what he wants with it. It’s important that the voters know exactly what they are going to get, with as much specificity as possible.”

Adirondack Daily Enterprise reports:

Cuomo’s goal is to phase out all power generation stations using fossil fuels by 2040.

But some environmental advocates argue the bond act would fall short of providing the funding New York needs to ensure the quality of its water, air and other natural resources.

Power the Future has previously written on failed attempts by the New York Governor to provide reliable and inexpensive energy to its residents while pushing his green agenda. The blog post cited the Wall Street Journal article on Cuomo’s efforts to make New York ground zero in the left’s plan to eliminate fossil fuels, and concluded that the political campaign to ban fossil fuels is detached from energy and economic reality.