Biden’s Unelected Energy Bureaucrats are Feeling the Heat

Biden’s Unelected Energy Bureaucrats are Feeling the Heat

May 3, 2022

Biden’s unelected energy regulators are feeling the heat, and even the mainstream media is taking notice. One month ago, Power The Future launched to expose Biden’s bureaucrats at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and their backdoor attempt to kill American energy projects. 

In February, FERC Commissioner Richard Glick and his fellow-liberal commissioners tried to jam through a rule that would make building new pipelines almost impossible. The Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Joe Manchin (D-WV) blasted the move, and FERC pulled the idea back… for now. PTF is standing with Manchin and leading the charge against FERC’s power grab.

Even the Washington Post has taken notice of all the attention FERC is receiving. They write, “Fossil fuel industry groups, Republican lawmakers and Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), publicly denounced the changes. They accused the agency’s Democratic chairman, a President Biden nominee, of trying to destroy gas companies, destabilize the country’s energy supply and favor renewable power. The commission backtracked quickly, voting in March to recategorize the policies as mere drafts and ensuring they wouldn’t apply to new gas projects.”

At a time when the American people are struggling with record-high energy prices, the last thing the Biden administration should be doing is imposing regulations that kill American energy projects. As was the case with Biden’s Green New Deal, Americans have no appetite for crippling our own energy sector. The Post continues, “the commission’s vote to scale back its new pipeline policies shows that its ability to address climate change is encountering the same resistance as the rest of Biden’s climate agenda.”

Daniel Turner, our founder and executive director, writes in Real Clear Energy that the last few years have shown us the dangers of unelected bureaucrats wielding power, and Glick’s efforts at FERC are no different. Turner writes, “As we have witnessed these past two years from the illogical Covid policies coming from Fauci, the CDC and the NIH, America run by bureaucratic regulation brings chaos, tension, and economic stagnation. With our energy markets in turmoil, and American’s suffering sky—high prices, we need a calm and stable climate that sparks confidence and investment. Biden’s hysterical climate mandates and Mr. Glick’s arbitrary wielding of FERC’s power must be reigned-in before they do any more damage to our energy industry, our economy, and our national security.”  

Over 13,000 people have signed our online petition to stand with Senator Manchin and oppose Biden’s backdoor regulations at FERC. Sign your name here to join the fight and keep the pressure on!