Biden’s Top 10 Hits to Energy Dependence

Biden’s Top 10 Hits to Energy Dependence

December 21, 2021

Given his hostility to the industry, it’s ironic that the only thing Joe Biden deserves in his stocking this Christmas is a lump of coal. From day one of his Administration, Biden and his team have been pushing an extreme anti-energy agenda, which has worked out as well as his Afghanistan surrender. Sadly, misguided policies lead to undesirable consequences, and we are all quite literally paying the price this holiday season, with energy prices on the rise across the board and our energy independence robbed from us faster than the Grinch stole Christmas.

Here are Biden’s Top 10 attacks on American energy that have taken us from affordable, plentiful energy to where we are now:

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The lowlights of “Biden’s Top 10 Hits to Energy Dependence” include:

1. January 21, 2021: Cancelling the Keystone XL Pipeline and the 11,000 U.S. jobs and $1.6 billion of gross wages it was projected to generate in 2021.

2. January 21, 2021: Halting all further efforts to put Alaskans to safely develop the 1002 area of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and its estimated 7.6 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

3. January 22, 2021: Issuing a moratorium on federal lands production that account for 25% of the nation’s crude oil supply.

4. March 2, 2021: Preparing a review of the federal oil and gas leasing program to further slow down domestic production.

5. May 19, 2021: Waiving sanctions on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline while standing by his decision to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline here in the United States.

6. July 7, 2021: Begging OPEC to pump more oil, after crude prices hit their highest levels in six years

7. August 13, 2021: Prioritizing his so-called “Build Back Better” spending agenda that includes 30 tax increases totaling $3 trillion over the next decade, including roughly a dozen tax increases on oil and gas taxpayers.

8. October 14, 2021: Shifting the blame for astronomical energy prices onto energy companies’ ‘anti-competitive practices.’

9. November 2, 2021: Jetting across the Atlantic Ocean to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) and pledging to spend $555 billion of American taxpayer dollars on climate change.

10. November 5, 2021: Biden’s Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, laughing in the face of an interviewer asking about domestic production.

A gallon of gasoline averaged $2.379/gallon on Biden’s inauguration. The average in December is $3.323/gallon – an increase of nearly 40 percent.