Biden Uses Presidential Powers to Force Green Agenda that Won’t Pass Congress

Biden Uses Presidential Powers to Force Green Agenda that Won’t Pass Congress

June 7, 2022

Yesterday, President Biden announced he wouldn’t impose tariffs on imported solar panels from Southeast Asia. Instead, he invoked the Defense Production Act (DPA) to boost the production of green energy in America. President Biden is using all the authority of his office to force his green agenda on the economy – even as Congress won’t give it the green light.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board writes,

“That Cold-War era law gives the President broad emergency powers to mobilize domestic manufacturers to produce goods he deems critical to national security. Mr. Biden ironically claims that the energy problems created by the left’s climate policies are a national emergency that demands a command-and-control solution. Boosting domestic production of solar panels, heat pumps, building insulation, fuel cells and power transformers can reduce ‘risks to our power grid,’ the White House says.” 

The risks to the power grid the White House referenced don’t come from Russia, as they claim, but from a lack of reliable American energy. That’s a direct result of the Biden administration’s war on American fossil fuel workers and producers.

“President Biden dragged his feet on using the Defense Production Act for the baby formula crisis, but leapt at the opportunity to deploy it for his own green agenda,” said Daniel Turner, Executive Director and Founder of Power The Future. “We’re facing record gas prices every day and the threat of electric blackouts during the hottest months, but Biden remains focused on implementing his green agenda on an unwilling electorate. Ironically, this latest desperate attempt also shows up less than two weeks after his administration threw up a major roadblock against a mine in Alaska which would produce the metals needed for his solar panels. If Biden were serious about throwing a lifeline to struggling Americans, he would unleash the energy producers his administration has done their best to strangle since taking office.”

The Journal continues, “The DPA is becoming Mr. Biden’s household economic remedy. The constitutional risk is the President will increasingly resort to emergency powers to deputize private industry to do his political bidding.”

Biden will use all of his presidential power to mandate the green energy revolution, but it will be the American people left holding the bag.