Biden Once Again Chooses China Over the U.S., Especially Alaska

Biden Once Again Chooses China Over the U.S., Especially Alaska

June 6, 2022

Earlier today, the Biden Administration announced another attempt to push a green agenda at the expense of American energy security.  By invoking the Defense Production Act, Biden hopes to jump-start a struggling solar domestic manufacturing industry, as well as push forward with a backlog of large solar installations across the country.

Here’s the major problem with doing so in the manner announced this morning: Rather than source the domestic manufacturing push with U.S. materials, he’ll be using Chinese components, manufacturing and raw materials, as he announced a two-year moratorium on tariffs from those products sent to the U.S. by the Communist Chinese regime.

This comes weeks after two announcements by his administration that place trillions of dollars worth of domestic copper and a variety of critical and strategic minerals out-of-reach of developers in Alaska.  Both the Ambler Road Mining District and Pebble Mine hold world-class known reserves of the exact components the ‘green energy’ push needs.  Both have been stymied – if not threatened altogether – by radical environmentalists and eco-Left idealogues who have deep ties to the Biden leadership team.

By ignoring American energy supplies and jobs in favor of Communist Chinese sourcing, the President is proving once again that he is focused on the wrong side of the globe.