Biden Doesn’t Support the American Energy Industry

Biden Doesn’t Support the American Energy Industry

May 18, 2020

President Trump has been a strong advocate for the prosperous oil and gas industry since the start of his term. He understands the importance of our energy independence, as well as the economic benefits and jobs the industry brings to communities across the country. Unfortunately, the eco-left is so detached from reality that they have continued their ill-informed war against the industry.

As our Executive Director Daniel Turner wrote in an op-ed for FOX News:

In sharp contrast, Biden and other Democrats have embraced radical energy policies demonizing fossil fuels that would bring economic pain and increased unemployment to Pennsylvania and states around the country. These far-left policies would be disastrous anytime, but would be especially so coming on top of the severe economic pain inflicted on the American people by the coronavirus.

The former vice president has even appointed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York – author of the radical Green New Deal – as co-chair of his climate policy group that is developing an energy agenda for his campaign. This is no doubt an effort to show his liberal bona fides and win over the far-left Bernie Sanders wing of the Democratic Party.

Power The Future published a study in January on the economic benefits that hydraulic fracturing has brought to Pennsylvania and compared that to how New York has missed out on those economic benefits due to Governor Andrew Cuomo’s fracking ban.

The study found that fracking has generated $1.7 billion in new tax revenue for Pennsylvania since 2012 and a remarkable 36 percent increase in wages for oil and gas employees in the state.

During the Great Recession of 2008 to 2012 – when Pennsylvania was losing jobs overall – fracking jobs increased an astounding 259 percent, with the vast majority of these jobs in rural areas.

The oil and gas industry provides millions of jobs to Americans. If radical policies like AOC’s Green New Deal are adopted, they would have a devastating impact on energy workers across the country. Even in these times of uncertainty we know one thing will remain the same: America will always need energy.

The industry that is keeping our country running as normally as possible during this pandemic doesn’t deserve the attacks from liberal elites only focused on their own political agenda. As President Trump reopens America and our economy recovers, every business and industry will need energy. We hope Americans will take note and express gratitude for the reliable and inexpensive domestic energy the vital industry provides.