Biden Breaks Record for Highest Gas Prices Ever… Again

Biden Breaks Record for Highest Gas Prices Ever… Again

May 10, 2022

This morning, Americans woke up to the news that the price for a gallon of gas is the highest it has ever been. According to AAA, the national average cost for a gallon of regular gasoline is $4.37, and for diesel, it’s $5.55. Both of those figures are record highs.

If this sounds familiar, it’s because it keeps happening on Joe Biden’s watch. Diesel prices hit record highs just last week and regular gasoline was at a record high in March. These high prices are fueling the punishing inflation Americans are dealing with.

CNN writes, “The gas spike — prices are up 17 cents in the past week alone — will only add to inflationary pressures that have raised recession fears, rocked financial markets and soured Americans’ views on the economy.”

Gas prices were high long before Russia invaded Ukraine. Biden’s relentless war on American energy has resulted in less supply and less investment. That all amounts to high prices for struggling American families.

“There is no doubt the White House is hoping that Americans simply become numb to yet another disastrous result of their energy failures, but the pain at the pump is too real and everyone intrinsically understands that Joe Biden is to blame,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “President Biden is now a two-time record holder for the highest gas prices, the most oil drained from the strategic reserve and re-injecting the term ‘inflation’ back into the national lexicon for the first time since the 1970s. This type of failure doesn’t happen by accident. The President’s green ideology is a man-made disaster and we’re all paying the price.”