Biden Breaks Another Record: Diesel Hits Highest Price Ever

Biden Breaks Another Record: Diesel Hits Highest Price Ever

May 2, 2022

President Biden’s energy crisis continues to spiral. Over the weekend, diesel fuel spiked to the highest price ever recorded in the United States. The record price comes at a time with the country is dealing with the worst inflation since 1981. 

USA Today writes, “The cost of a gallon of diesel fuel in the U.S. topped $5.25 a gallon Saturday, up 7 cents in a single day and 18 cents in a week, AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report shows. That easily smashed the previous record of $5.13 a gallon set March 12.”

As of the publishing of this blog post, AAA Gas Prices meter had the cost even higher at $5.32 per gallon. President Biden’s war on American energy is largely at fault. Instead of unleashing America’s energy potential, the Biden administration has saddled the industry with punishing regulations, refused to issue permits, blocked energy production on federal lands, and cancelled projects like the Keystone XL pipeline. Just last week, the Biden administration cut off millions of acres in Alaska from potential development.

“President Biden spent the weekend getting a few laughs at the expense of skyrocketing costs, but it’s no joke to our families,” said Daniel Turner, Founder and Executive Director for Power The Future. “President Biden and his unelected bureaucrats are cutting American oil and gas production at every opportunity and delivering the worst results we’ve seen in over a generation. How many more terrible records does this administration have to achieve before they wake up to their man-made energy crisis?”

President Biden is breaking all sorts of records – they’re just the kind that hurt American families.