You Have to Love the Consistently Inconsistent Messaging from Eco-Left

You Have to Love the Consistently Inconsistent Messaging from Eco-Left

March 7, 2024

Leave it to the eco-left when it comes to messaging.  They have never been one to keep things factual, nor consistent.

Two recent examples of their Jeckyl-and-Hyde approach to storytelling can be found in articles from Wired and the New York Times.

While the Times article focused on the benefits of planting and growing trees to combat the (so-called) ‘climate crisis’, Wired raised alarms about the dangers of planting trees in Alaska’s Arctic.

What?  One thinks trees are good and one thinks trees are bad?  Apparently, per Wired, the dark green of the trees helps warm the permafrost more than the lighter-colored grasses during the summer and fall seasons, which then contributes to all kinds of greenhouse gasses escaping into the atmosphere, which exacerbates the ‘climate crisis’ and leads to the Arctic warming four times faster than anywhere else.

Except it isn’t, as we pointed out in an op-ed run by the Daily Caller last year.  In it, our Alaska State Director, Rick Whitbeck, listed locations supposedly warming faster than anywhere else, and wondered out loud, “If everything is warming faster than everywhere else, is anything warming faster, or is it all bogus? Is the “data” supporting each of the claims above legitimate, or are the facts and figures deliberately being skewed?”

While we wait for an answer to that question from the radical environmentalists, we’ll keep fighting for American energy, American opportunity and America’s future.