Wyoming’s largest oil trade group joins lawsuit against Biden’s executive orders

Wyoming’s largest oil trade group joins lawsuit against Biden’s executive orders

March 19, 2021

The Wyoming Petroleum Association, whose members produce 90% of the state’s gas, is the latest oil and gas trade organization to join the Western Energy Alliance lawsuit. The lawsuit which was first filed back in January and argues the executive order President Biden issued on the banning on oil and natural gas leases conflicts with existing laws.

Pete Obermueller, Petroleum Association president, spoke about joining the lawsuit:

He said they understand the administration’s environmental concerns and they are working on emissions.

“Emissions rates are down and have been going down for a long time as a result of technology. We want to work on constantly improving,” Obermueller said.

He added this ban won’t change the demand of the energy industry, it will have to come from other states or countries.

As Obermueller pointed out the need for energy is not decreasing and we are going to have to start relying on outside sources for our energy needs. President Trump worked very hard to bolster our domestic oil and gas industry, maintaining our energy independence and as we have pointed out green energy could lead to a dependence China on their potential path to energy dominance.

Western Energy Alliance reports:

According to a recent economic study from the Wyoming Energy Authority, the cost of Biden’s ban will be staggering. In his first term, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) across eight western states would decline $33.5 billion, 58,676 jobs would be cut annually, wages would drop $15 billion, and state tax revenue would plummet $8.3 billion. Wyoming and New Mexico would be hit the hardest.

President Biden and his administration need to wake up and understand the real threats they are causing to our energy sector. Hopefully, the Western Alliance lawsuit will serve as that wake-up call and show the Biden administration that the oil and gas industry is not going anywhere.