World Economic Forum Attendees Fly Private on Their Way to Discuss Climate Policy

World Economic Forum Attendees Fly Private on Their Way to Discuss Climate Policy

January 19, 2023

Once again, those in power lecturing us to address climate issues are showing the world how hypocritical they can be. This week, the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual conference invites elites from all over to travel to Davos, Switzerland to discuss the world’s most pressing issues, including climate. But a study by Greenpeace International on the 2022 summit shows that many of those elites travel to Davos on none other than their private jets. 

Fox News reports, “The study determined that 1,040 flights on private jets were recorded arriving and departing seven airstrips close to Davos during the week of the 2022 WEF conference. The private jet air traffic in the region represented an uptick of about 500 private flights relative to weeks before and after the conference. Therefore, Greenpeace estimated that those 500 flights, or 48% of all private jets in the area that week, were transporting conference participants.”

Although Davos has a train station, these attendees continue to use their private jets to bring them to the summit, where they will discuss pollution and climate policy. How big is their impact?

“In addition, private jets flying into the Davos area during the week of the 2022 forum emitted a whopping 9,700 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The study attributed 7,400 metric tons to planes servicing the conference. By comparison, the average person worldwide has an estimated annual carbon footprint of four tons.”

It is laughable for these leaders to get together and lecture the world on their climate goals when they opt to use the convenience of fossil fuels. The Davos summit is another example of how the eco-left wants you to “do as we say, but not as we do.”