Women Power America’s Energy Industry

Women Power America’s Energy Industry

March 8, 2019

On this International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate the hardworking women that power America’s energy industry.

Thousands of women work in the energy industry as pipeline operators, engineers, managers, on oil rigs and as coal miners. You name it, women are there, working every day to ensure that our homes are powered and that we have the fuel necessary to fuel our society.

The booming energy industry means greater opportunities for both women and men. Energy companies have jobs to fill, and job training is often available for free or a low cost to help people transition into the energy industry.

Take Christina Smith, a mother of three. She used to manage a Subway store and a dive shop before being laid off. Now, thanks to a scholarship from Marathon and Shell, she has become a shift supervisor in the oil industry.

Or take Lori Fremin – she has a 26-year career in the energy industry and now serves as General Manager for surface engineering for Deepwater Gulf of Mexico.

Katie Menhert, CEO of Pink Petro, a company that works to recruit more women to the energy industry, explains that the biggest leap is “just convincing women to apply at all.”

“The biggest barrier women face in the industry is visibility and access to what opportunities exist.”

That’s why today, on International Women’s Day, Power The Future would like to thank all of the female energy workers across America for their hard work. You are trailblazers, opening up new opportunities for women, and we thank you for your leadership.