With Record of Decision In-Hand, ANWR Can Begin to Create Jobs

With Record of Decision In-Hand, ANWR Can Begin to Create Jobs

August 17, 2020

Big news came out of Washington, DC today: Interior Secretary Bernhardt announced the Record of Decision for the 10-02 Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) had been finalized and released.

The Coastal Plain has been a hotbed of eco-extremist activism for decades, with anti-development zealots pushing a feelings-over-facts narrative that drilling in the area would decimate Native subsistence harvests, kill the Coca-Cola polar bears and wipe entire ecosystems that have existed for millennia overnight.

The Record of Decision allows leases to take place – with Bernhardt giving a timeline by year’s end – and someday, drilling to occur.  The area is believed to hold between 5 and 11 billion barrels of oil; a monster reservoir of petroleum that will add to the US’s ability to remain energy independent.

Aside from the massive amounts of oil, ANWR could one day provide hundreds of thousands of US jobs – not only in Alaska, but across the nation – from manufacturing to service industries associated with development opportunities in the area.  Although Bernhardt noted that we are a minimum of eight years away from drilling activities, a move forward in the process is welcomed news to Alaskans, who back responsible exploration by an overwhelming majority.  In fact, some polls show nearly 80% approval among Alaskans, who know the issues better than anyone else.

Opponents argue that the refuge – set aside by Congress as a development zone – should be off-limits.  Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has made ANWR a highlighted policy item, saying he’d “permanently protect” the region – as well as all federal lands and waters – by using an executive order as part of his series of “day one” priorities. 

Power The Future couldn’t be more excited by today’s announcement, and congratulates the Trump Administration for furthering jobs and opportunities in the energy sector.  We look forward to following the lease process, and reporting back as progress is made to responsibly develop this key piece of America’s energy future.