Winter is Coming and Heating Bills Will Be Increasing

Winter is Coming and Heating Bills Will Be Increasing

September 29, 2022

Americans are currently dealing with record-high inflation due to the leadership of the Biden/Harris administration. This winter, they will also be dealing with record-high heating bills. 

Fox Business reports on a recent National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA) report. 

“Earlier this month, the NEADA projected that the average cost to heat a home would increase by 17.2% since last winter, rising from $1,025 to $1,202. Heating oil costs will jump an estimated 54% to $1,876, while natural gas costs may increase 24% to $709, according to the NEADA.”

Consolidated Edison, Inc., a New York energy provider, has begun issuing tips to consumers on how to save money this winter. 

“The bill increases are driven mainly by ‘increases in the market cost of natural gas, which is volatile and also influences electric market costs,’ according to the utility company. Con Ed said local electric and gas companies and customers all across the Northeast ‘are facing similar circumstances.’”

It won’t be the rich elitist who struggle this winter but those in underprivileged neighborhoods. Nick Loris, C3 Solutions vice president of Public Policy, told FOX Business. 

“Whether it’s through electric, natural gas or oil, prices are up across the board, Loris said. And more money dedicated to paying for heat means fewer resources are essential for human well-being, such as food or healthcare. However, the impact will be regressive, hurting the poor the most since they spend a higher percentage of their budget on energy costs.” 

Across the globe, countries are beginning to face an energy crisis. The United States has an abundance of resources that the eco-left has deemed off-limits. It is time to tap into our natural resources and give some relief to American families.