Wind Energy Falls Flat…Again

Wind Energy Falls Flat…Again

July 11, 2022

Late last night ERCOT, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, asked Texans to conserve energy from 2—8 pm, arguably the hottest parts of the day, citing insufficient wind generation to power the state comfortably during this heat wave.

The New York Times reports: 

“The heat wave that has settled on Texas and much of the Central United States is driving increased electric use,” ERCOT said in a statement on Sunday. “While solar power is generally reaching near full generation capacity, wind generation is currently generating significantly less than what it historically generated in this time period.”

During a hot Texas summer, the last thing residents want to hear is that the power grid is failing again, especially when these warnings can be avoidable. 

“In a separate statement, the Texas regulator warned that the amount of reserve power could be dangerously low if demand spiked more than forecast, and that there would be “no market solution.”’ Less than 10 percent of installed wind power will be available on Monday, ERCOT said, further reducing the available electricity.”

It has been shown repeatedly that relying on renewable energy will not benefit anyone. This is because this type of energy is never guaranteed. Texas is an excellent example of what can happen when the wind does not blow as often as expected. American families suffer when they don’t have to.