Will Windmills Cover New Mexico’s $2 Billion Budget Shortfall?

Will Windmills Cover New Mexico’s $2 Billion Budget Shortfall?

April 3, 2020

It’s the simplest of questions: Will revenue from green energy be enough to make up for New Mexico’s massive budget shortfall?

After two years’ worth of huge budget surpluses, New Mexicans learned this week the state is looking at a potential $2 billion shortfall. The oil fight between Russia and Saudi Arabia coupled with an unprecedented health emergency has crippled New Mexico’s energy industry and the revenue it delivers. During those two years, oil and gas have made up for nearly 40 percent of the entire state budget. Now, state leaders are looking at furloughs and cuts in services due to the shrinking revenue.

During that time of record income, New Mexico’s eco-left worked extra hard to destroy the oil and gas industry. They passed New Mexico’s own version of the Green New Deal and gave massive tax breaks green industries. The eco-left self-righteously told New Mexicans it was time to abandon oil and gas for a “just transition.”

The eco-left promised us a better life and economy if we would follow their plan. Now that New Mexican’s are on the verge of the economic precipice, we could really use $2 billion in revenue from green energy to make up the shortfall.

We’re guessing this is just another failed promise the eco-left will never deliver.