Will Joe Biden Authorize Final Approval of Alaska’s Willow Project?

Will Joe Biden Authorize Final Approval of Alaska’s Willow Project?

February 17, 2023

The rhetoric being thrown around by the eco-left has reached a fever pitch these past two weeks.  Their target?  180,000 barrels a day of oil production – for 20 years – that the Willow project in the National Petroleum Reserve – Alaska would provide.

Not satisfied with simply winning a re-review of the project by using their political clout and influence, those fighting the project are demanding the Department of Interior – and by extension, the Biden Administration – shutter Willow altogether.

Never mind that the project is in a Congressionally-authorized development area.  Never mind that the project has already been approved once, using the NEPA process that the radical environmental organization – National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) – called “the Magna Carta of Environmental Law”.  Never mind that the Biden Administration has drained our Strategic Petroleum Reserves to record-low levels, with little plan to refill them.

None of that matters to the climate crusaders, who can’t accept any further fossil fuel production.

Alaska’s entire Congressional delegation, our Governor, Legislature and the vast majority of the Iñupiat people of the North Slope all support Willow.  They are tirelessly fighting the fight, and Power The Future is doing what we can to support the project.

Let’s hope the final decision – due after March 1st – is the right one, and not another anti-jobs, anti-American judgment.