Why is President Biden Attacking the Energy Industry Despite Immense Industry-Wide Growth?

Why is President Biden Attacking the Energy Industry Despite Immense Industry-Wide Growth?

July 6, 2023

Despite the Biden Administration’s relentless pursuit of the energy sector, fossil fuel industry jobs continue to surge. Fox News reports, According to the USEER, American energy sector jobs grew 3.8% from 2021 to 2022, hitting a total of 8.1 million jobs last year and outpacing overall year-over-year employment growth of 3.1%.” It is obvious the fossil fuel industry and the energy sector are essential in facilitating job opportunities for Americans.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said, “‘Today’s report shows that the clean energy transition is accelerating, with job growth across every pocket of America, and that unionized employers are filling these new positions with much more ease than non-unionized employers. …Thanks to President Biden’s historic Investing in America agenda, we expect to see steady growth of jobs to make and build a resilient and clean energy system offering good-paying and secure employment opportunities to America’s workers across the country.’”

Power the Future’s founder and executive director, Daniel Tuner told Fox News, “‘It’s totally unsurprising that the fossil fuel sector is growing because even renewables are made from fossil fuels. Fossil fuel consumption is up worldwide year after year because we’re always going to need more, not less…We may use them differently to create EVs or wind turbines or solar panels, but we’re not using fewer fossil fuels. It’s showing tremendous resiliency despite two years of endless attacks…But I wonder how long we can sustain it and how much worse it has to get before the administration relinquishes on these attacks.’”

It is truly a shame that the Biden Administration continues to turn its backs on a major cornerstone of the American economy. But despite their counter-productive and hypocritical nature, the industry remains in great shape, which should serve as a sigh of relief for all Americans.