Who Needs “Earth Day”, When Alaskans Celebrate Our Natural Abundance Every Day?

Who Needs “Earth Day”, When Alaskans Celebrate Our Natural Abundance Every Day?

April 22, 2020

One of the most over-hyped days on the calendar is being ‘celebrated’ today.  Its mission is “to build the world’s largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and planet,” but the Earth Day Network is wasting its time talking to Alaskans. 

We celebrate our God-given beauty and abundance daily.  Simultaneously, men and women across “The Great Land” develop Alaska’s resources in a responsible, environmentally-safe manner.

Ask yourself: Why would any company believe it could enter our magnificent state and willfully do harm to our people, or lands, our culture, and be given the social compact to work as part our community?  The short and direct answer:  They don’t.

Companies doing business in our state are concerned with safety and with using data and science to drive decisions, whether large or small.  They care about our land, because the majority of the workers on a project – whether mining or oil and gas – live in Alaska.

But you’d never know it from the radicalized environmental movement.  They’ve taken the word “environmentalist” and twisted it, to where there is supposedly a binary choice between saving the Earth and having any development of its natural subterranean riches.  They attempt to override Alaskans’ desire to keep our state beautiful, while simultaneously having a robust economy.  They vilify groups like Power The Future for championing energy workers and their positive impacts on communities across our state.

We don’t need ‘transformative change’. 

Alaskans call it ‘balance.’  Balance between environmental stewardship and responsible development, and Alaskans do it amazingly well.  Ultimately, we are all environmentalists.  Happy “Keep It Going” Day, Alaska.